Letter to the members

Salutations Ithiel Falls Supports,

I hope this letter finds you and yours in good health and in an ever deepening relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Even though winter has hardly started, I have been craving warm weather. I can hear some of you yelling at me to get a grip, go skiing or snowmobiling. I am sorry, I do love those things, but Melissa and I would rather take a long walk on a warm, sunny beach.

Most years by this time, Ithiel Falls is on the back burner of my mind. The camp has long been shuttered, the board meeting has taken place, evangelists have been secured and basically we wait until the thaw, where we start all over again with spring clean up. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! Due to the incredible momentum and excitement that was generated by this year’s amazing camp meeting, camp really never stopped. For example, at camp this summer we had an amazing healing service, but the healing did not stop when we went home. A few months back an individual shared with me how multiple individuals (who were healed at that service) have reported continual healing as the winter has progressed, praise God! Additionally, we have been praying for many years for God to open doors so that the grounds could be used for ministry beyond the 12 days of camp. I can report now that two different Christian organizations have reached out to me about booking retreats. Officially, one of those organizations (Tres Dias- a lay person equipping organization) has booked two weekends in late June and have committed to helping Ithiel Falls open the camp in the spring. We are also waiting to hear back from the second organization if they are going to book as well. Another area that has continued since camp “ended” is the slight modifications to the girls dorm bathroom (see picture below). The numerous individuals responsible for this, have committed to finishing the project by the first of June 2024 in time for the Tres Dias retreat. Finally, the generous financial giving that was evident during camp has continued and is the reason why we are able to push forward with the much needed improvements.

Ithiel Falls camp meeting will take place from Wednesday July 17 through Sunday the 28th. This year’s line up for evangelists and directors is interesting due to their names. Coming back for her 2nd time leading worship is the wonderful Emily Duncan. Coming for her first time and filling the role of children’s evangelist is Emily Vaughn. Coming back for his 3rd (or 4th?) time to evangelize to our teens is none other than Pastor Cory Clark, and the evangelist for the adults coming for the first time all the way from Texas is Pastor Corey Jones. Stepping up for the first time directing the teen program is Mr. & Mrs. Bodey and Blayne Towle. And as always, the absolute best, and I mean best camp cook, Mr. Mike Saloomey will fill our tummies.

DO YOU REALIZE YOU ARE NEEDED? Ithiel Falls camp meeting is such an amazing and worthwhile ministry to get behind. We continually need your prayers and support. We still could use funds to purchase tongue and groove pine for the duplex renovation. We could use donations of pressure treated wood to create a deck overview of the falls. We could use funds to purchase a new shower and toilet for the girls dorm extension and toilet for the boys dorm. Finally, we could use more workers this winter to complete projects, in the spring for clean up, this summer to scrape and paint, AND during camp to help out in the kitchen and to support the youth program. Are you willing to get more involved than ever before ????? If you are, please reach out to us or go to our website: http://ithielfalls.org/supporting-camp/#give and donate.

You ALL are loved and missed. I cannot wait to see your smiling faces and to see what the Lord has in store for Ithiel Falls Camp Meeting this year. Please know that I and the leadership team have been praying for you all and want only the best for you.

In His Service,

Christopher Towle President,
Ithiel Falls Camp Meeting Association