Childrens Program

Worship, games, crafts, and a message!

This year we have Children's Evangelist Emily Vaughn from Tennessee joining us to lead our children's program. All ages from nursery to teens to adults have a place at this camp.

The children's program is for kids aged 5-11. They typically meet downstairs in the dining hall building where they have engaging games, crafts, worship, and a message. They meet at 11am Monday to Saturday and 10:30 am on Sunday. They also have children's service at 7pm after worshiping with the main congregation in the tabernacle. For a special the children practice a worship song or two that they later perform during the regular service for everyone to enjoy!

During the day families are encouraged to explore the camp grounds, beautiful surrounding hiking trails, and all Vermont has to offer! Also if you have a teen in the program families can watch their friendly games and competitions to cheer them on!!