Ithiel Falls Camp Pointing hearts toward Jesus, since 1899

Hey! … you! … You should come to Camp!

No matter your age, if you’ve ever been to Ithiel Falls Camp, you’re probably VERY sure you want to be here again this year.

Or, maybe you’ve just heard about Ithiel Falls, or maybe its been a long time — and you’re on the fence about being here.

Either way, know this: this is a place where every-day people with every-day lives (and hurts, and hang-ups) join together in response to God’s call. Because… here’s the thing: God is with us, and for us. God is with you, and for you! Did you know that?! No matter what! God loves you more than you can possibly imagine!! This changes EVERYTHING!!

Camp is a place where you can encounter this truth, this God… and be changed forever…

You should come to camp.