Ithiel Falls Camp Pointing hearts toward Jesus, since 1899

About Ithiel Falls

The historic Ithiel Falls Camp Meeting has been held annually since 1899. Founded by a Methodist pastor, evangelist Ithiel T. Johnson began these camp meetings to “revive the spirit of religion but not take the place of regular church.”

The campmeeting is held for 12 days in late-July/early-August, in a beautiful, rustic setting perched along the Lamoille River in Johnson, Vermont.  Featured are:

  • Nightly worship services for all ages, with great speakers and music (add’l services on Sundays)
  • Adult Bible Study, each morning
  • Teen camp program (ages 12 – just finished High School)

At Ithiel Falls Camp

  • The name of Jesus is lifted up
  • Truth from God’s Word (the Bible) is proclaimed
  • The Holy Spirit is present
  • Hearts are turned toward God and lives are changed
  • Friendships are made and strengthened, bonds created that last

Affiliation And Purpose

Formally known as Ithiel Falls Camp Meeting Association, we are an interdenominational organization that exists to help people give their lives to God (for the first time, or once again), turning from sin toward full, true life, that only He makes possible.

We believe in the doctrine of Bible holiness, as taught by Rev. John Wesley. In addition to saving us from our sins, God desires to truly free us from sin, transforming us through the gift and work of his Spirit within us (sanctification).